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At EMS Industries Ltd we manufacture ram pumps for the waste water and the bio gas industries, specialising in performance, quality and durability. This is achieved through our uniquely designed ram pumps, each pump is customised for the individual job to ensure maximum efficiency. 

Waste Water industries 
Food Waste industries

Grit removal/separation - (Hydrake, Classifier, CVR, VRM

Grit settlement - (Classifiers)

Grout injection - (VRH)

Filter press feed - (VRH)

Food waste pumping - (VRM or VRH)

Digester feed pumping - (VRM, VRHCVR or CVRD)

PST desludging - (VRM, CVR or CVRD)

Sludge transfer (Long distance) - (VRH or VRM)




At EMS we pride ourselves on delivering quality customer service, if you require sales, service or parts then feel free to contact our friendly team of experienced staff, who will happily assist with any enquiries you have. Each project we take on is tailored to your needs as a business to conquer any task.


Our team of dedicated project designers and engineers, help EMS to achieve the best results from each and every project we commission. This is done through careful planning and attention to health and safety details, ensuring every job is the best it can be and safe for future work. 



Our customers range from water utilities, bio gas and food waste plants to private contractors in Hong Kong and Canada We regularly supply to Severn Trent, Yorkshire Water and United Utilities, who continue to be loyal and valued customers here at EMS. 


If you would like to view our Terms and Conditions or our policies click below to view some of the policies that EMS currently have in place. Such as: Bribery act, 

the modern slavery act,  Terms & Conditions for the sale and supply of goods and Terms and Conditions for hire of equipment, etc.


Innovative Solutions 

We provide solutions that maximise health and safety as well as product performance, dealing in waste water and food waste pumping. 

Worldwide Shipping 

We ship our products worldwide and have already supplied to the USA, Hong Kong and Canada.

UK Manufactured 

All our ram pumps are manufactured in the UK and built on site in Staffordshire to ensure quality.


EMS Industries was first established in 1995, by it's three founders John Nash, David Bates and Chris Melvin. Together they built the business up by first starting in garages used as their workshops and offices, over many years the business has successfully grown its reputation and client base into the brand it is today. A friendly, quality and customer driven company which today offers the best products and services in the ram pump manufacturers industry supplying to the waste water and the food waste (Bio-gas) industry.


We provide a variety of pumps with a range of different sizes that ensure the best solution for your requirements, we do our very best when is comes to ensuring quality, durability and performance of our products and this is what has made our brand and product strong.


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