EMS Industries was first established in 1995, by it's three founders John Nash, David Bates and Chris Melvin. Together they built the business up by first starting in garages used as their workshops and offices, over many years the business has successfully grown its reputation and client base into the brand it is today. A friendly, quality and customer driven company which today offers the best products and services in the ram pump manufacturers industry supplying to the waste water and the food waste (Bio-gas) industry.


We provide a variety of pumps with a range of different sizes that ensure the best solution for your requirements, we do our very best when is comes to ensuring quality, durability and performance of our products and this is what has made our brand and product strong.


Meet Our Directors 

Finance Director

Director of EMS

Joe Meakin 

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Managing Director

Director of EMS

Andrea Lancaster 

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Steve Hannigan

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Sales Director 

“We strive to provide our customers with the best solutions in the (waste water and bio-gas) market and in the safest and most professional manner.  We do this through teamwork, trust and being aware and responsive to our ever changing environment.”