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The purpose of the Classifier is to separate grit from water. The Classifier has modular construction and can sit at ground level without the need for civil engineering works unlike the Hydrake which needs to be elevated. Its great for newer sites that don't have the means for a grit rake but still need a form of grit removal. The EMS Classifier is also good for older sites that don't have the ground work in place for something that sits higher. Our Classifiers are slightly smaller than traditional Classifiers, this is because our Classifier can handle more grit per liter of water than other's, that require a lot of water for a smaller amount of grit, making our classifiers more efficient and economical.  

How does it work?

The classifier is first filled with water and grit then using an Archimedes screw the grit is then discharged into a skip. Excess water flows back into the inlet of the grit trap/Detritor. 

We offer a range of Classifiers available from a 250 Litre capacity to a 2000 Litres:

  • GC250

  • GC500

  • GC1000

  • GC1500

  • GC2000

For more information please speak with our sales team:

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