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Here are just some of the clients that we provide our products and services to.

Our clients are important to us and we appreciate each opportunity to provide our pumps on their sites.

We offer efficient low maintenance products that ensure our clients are satisfied and not only that the job gets done on time but that it gets done right.  

Severn Trent
United Utilities
Yorkshire water
South West Water
Anglian Water
Bio Collectors

Gary Lee - Site Manager - Fernbrook bio

“The EMS pump that has been trialed at Fernbrook has been a really good bit of kit as we have had no down time and spent no money on spares."

 " I would recommend the EMS ram pump to others " Garry Lee


 Tom Phelps - GENeco

“We previously had duty-standby rotary lobe pumps to feed batches in and out of our pasteurisers. These suffered a lot of wear due to grit and glass content in the food waste, we were spending a lot of time and money replacing worn rotors most weeks. We needed consistent flow to get efficient heat recovery and by investing in two EMS ram pumps we have now got this with a big reduction in maintenance costs and downtime. These pumps have improved our output of bio gas by giving reliable feed to the digesters and in turn give a reliable service to our GENeco food waste customers. We only need to clean out and inspect the non-return valves weekly and have needed to do very little maintenance apart from an annual service and occasional seal adjustments.”

 “These pumps have easily paid for themselves more than once in the last three years.”   Tom Phelps 


Our customers range from water utilities, bio gas and food waste plants to private contractors in Hong Kong and Canada We regularly supply to Severn Trent, Yorkshire Water and United Utilities, who continue to be loyal and valued customers here at EMS. 

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