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Currently we have the CVR (Compact Vertical Ram) and the CVRG, both come with a 200mm ram. The CVR is the smallest of all our pumps and one of the most popular for projects where high pressures aren't needed. The CVRG has a few differences which enable it to process more abrasive materials, such as grit and small stones, they are primarily used for transferring sludge to and from primary settlement tanks and de-sludging. 

They have a maximum flow rate of up to 140 litres per minute and can reach up to 4 bar. 

The CVR is an ideal choice for:

  • Suction of sludge up to 10% dry solids

  • Flow rate of 140 litres per minute

  • Energy efficiency and monitoring 

  • ​Slow speed operation

CVRD           CVR-G          CVR-F

For more information please speak with our sales team: 

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