Our CVRD (Compact Vertical Ram Duplex) range offers all the power of a CVR and more, with two rams that can give twice the flow at a more consistent rate. One ram pulls in as the other is pushing out, giving a more time efficient flow. The CVRD200 has a flow rate of 340 litres per minute and can reach up to 4 bar. 


We currently have the CVRD200 and we are in the process of launching our CVRD300 which will be able to process food waste as well as the general grit, sludge and rags. The CVRD300 can pump up to 900 litres per minute and reach up to 5 bar. 

All of our CVRD's come in a G for grit and a F for food application model to suit you requirements

CVRD           CVRD-G          CVRD-F
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