The Hydrake is a hydraulic, compact and robust new mechanism that mimics the job of a grit rake, but with greater reliability and efficiency all in one closed off unit. This enables the Hydrake to run without constant maintenance and doesn't require a cage to be fitted around it. All moving parts on our Hydrake are easily accessible which makes it easier, safer and quicker to maintain than a traditional grit rake. 

How does it work?

The Hydrake rakes grit from a Detritor pushing it up a slope, which then emerges from the top out into a skip. The Hydrake can be run with complete flexibility with options to run at different speeds and times offering maximum energy efficiency.

Each Hydrake is a bespoke design which is particular to each installation, this enables us to create a rake of any size and inclination to fit the customers specifications. For more information please speak with our sales team: 


Hydraulic grit rake

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